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Saturday, December 24, 2011


This simple prayer was written by Albert in June of 2010 but applies today as well.  Since it is the time of year where people stop awhile and hopefully think of the Creator, I thought this might be a wonderful time to share this beautiful prayer in the author's own words.

A prayer on God's Bounty
O Allah,my hair is grey,I am now old, every day twilight passes, soon curtain falls and to all men, fate will fall.
Life is like a spring flowing but one day will turn into a dry river bed, all pebbles and stone.
My faith in Thee is all I have, my simple goodness   I cannot ask for Thy bounty as it overflows like the Zamzam well.   Thousands of liters flow in thousand years.
When I will be frail, make my pain bearable, nor my feeble body a curse.I don't have the will to stand.
I am just  man.  I trust in Thee. Thou will set sail, easy and free, my soul, my soul.forgive me, have mercy.


"Allah" is the word for  God in Arabic.  Arabic speakers, and many other people in the Muslim world use Allah when speaking of God.  These include Presbyterian Arabs, and people of the Coptic faith whose language is Arabic.

The Zum Zum well is a famous well in Saudia Arabia where Hagar and Ismael found water which saved their lives. Abraham, at the insistence of his wife Sarah, took the young child (13 or 14 years of age) and his Mother Hagar out into the wilderness and left them there. From what I understand from studying the Old Testament and the Qur'an, this happened after Sarah gave birth to the baby Isaac.  Ismael had been born quite a few years before.  In the Qur'an, Hagar is given the title of  wife.  In the Old Testament, she is also called wife and was given to Abraham by Sarah so that Sarah could have children through her as she was barren.  Hagar was an Egyptian slave and Sarah was her mistress.  


  1. Hi Conrad,
    Thanks to your nice comment, I appreciate it.Also, I would like also to thank Wilma Seville, without her critiquing, good suggestion to correct the tenses, my prayer-poem is not that beautiful. I am grateful to her for posting my prayer-poem on this blog. Thanks to you all.