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Thursday, December 15, 2011



I sit alone and cold
desolate bench shivers

poised so prim and proper
cute and delicate
big blue eyes of wonderment
framed by long blonde tresses
a secretive grin
by a naughty city orphan
abandoned under a canopy
of open country glitter

dark swirls of coldness
Goosebumps on clammy skin
wishing for comfort
on a soft safe bed
far away from this place

I was good this week
my lost and lonely look
of street life innocence
should entice a new friend
especially one with a car
traveling roads that lead
to my bicycle
if still where I chained it
among downtown crowds

for now
I just want to curl up
under warm covers
sink into soft pillows
drift into cozy dreams
and I will promise
forever and ever
with all my heart and soul

to never let the final bus
that leads to my bicycle
leave the casino without me


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