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Thursday, December 29, 2011


           Winter in Bahrain

It's early December, with still no rain
a rain will bring comfort, and ease  
the dry summer's searing heat
a rain means, the start of winter.

I open my cupboard
check my leather jacket
long in length, leathery smell
softly-knit in black.

These past few days
fleecy clouds appear
the sky is overcast
at night, no stars.

The wind-blown dust
sweeps around intensely
I cannot see clearly
the day turned to grey.

I know the season, I've been here so long
after the dust disappears, rain will come
a respite from the summer heat
the start of winter, goodbye to summer.

The rain came this morning
I awoke to the sound
of gentle falling rain
upon my window pane.

I open the window
stretch out my hand
feel the cool rain
upon my open palm.

Now I know that winter has come
those small dainty plants
Forget-me-nots will bloom
once again in my desert home.


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